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Daily Recap – 2011 Asia Pacific Conference

Friday, October 14th, 2011

After a Welcome Dinner yesterday evening, where the Asia Pacific Conference attendees joined together with the delegates taking part in the Educational & Humanitarian Initiative to Nepal, the conference kicked into full gear today:

Members of PTPI's Kathmandu, Nepal (English Preparatory School) Student Chapter perform at the 2011 Asia Pacific Conference

It was a busy morning for the participants in the Asia Pacific Conference, as everyone wanted to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. Excitement was in the air as the group caught up on one another’s chapter activities and shared their accomplishments with their fellow PTPI family members. After brief welcome remarks by Mary Jean Eisenhower, the conference delegates received another welcome by Honorable Aniline Kumar Jha, Nepal’s Minister of Industry. The highlight of the day was the cultural performance, presented by PTPI’s  Kathmandu, Nepal (English Preparatory School) Student Chapter, followed by chapter presentations.

-Viktor Zikas, Director of Special Programs at PTPI

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Reflections from Nepal: 2011 Educational & Humanitarian Initiative – Day 3

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Champagne breakfast at Mount Everest? That was the experience for our EHI delegates this morning. The group took a helicopter ride to a spot with amazing views of the world’s tallest mountain, enjoyed their meal, and had the chance to explore the area. Then they re-boarded the helicopters and headed back down, the Kathmandu Valley spread out beneath them.

Breakfast at Mount Everest

The EHI Nepal delegation at Mount Everest

In the afternoon, the delegates headed to a local school and spent time with the students, reading, learning the basics of one another’s languages, and sharing lunch together. The 2011 Educational & Humanitarian Initiative to Nepal happened to coincide with PTPI’s 2011 Asia Pacific Conference, also being held in Nepal, so the delegates were joined at the school by the conference attendees, and PTPI members from all over the world joined together in community service.

EHI delegates and Asia Pacific Conference attendees volunteer at a school in Nepal

The delegates also joined the conference attendees for the Welcome Dinner in the evening. Countries represented at the Asia Pacific Conference include Japan, Mongolia, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Korea and Taiwan. The night truly captured the spirit of People to People International and Peace through Understanding.

EHI delegates and Asia Pacific Conference attendees gather together for the Welcome Dinner

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Daily Recap – 2011 Board of Trustees Program

Friday, September 9th, 2011

This morning, the delegates attending PTPI’s Board of Trustees Program in Brussels, Belgium met in the hotel lobby just before 9:00 am and boarded a bus for a day trip to Antwerp. Fast fact: according to legend, long ago, an evil giant once guarded the Scheldt River, taking large toll fees from those who tried to pass. Then one day, a brave Roman soldier (Silvius Brabo) succeed in slaying the giant. He cut off the giant’s hand and threw it into the river. Therefore, the name Antwerpen is said to come from the Dutch words for ‘to throw’: ‘hand werpen.’

Thanks to delegate Carol Jarvis for writing about the day:

While the People to People International Board of Directors held their meeting in Brussels, a large delegation of 40 people took a day trip to Antwerp.  It was a great opportunity to leave the big city of Brussels and experience a little bit of life in the historical port town of Antwerp.

Delegates set off for a tour of Antwerp, Belgium

I asked several delegates to give me a word or phase to describe this charming town and these are some of the responses:

  • a history lover’s paradise
  • an architect’s smorgasbord
  • an art lover’s dream
  • a diamond and chocolate lover’s heaven

Others said that Antwerp was charming, awesome, extremely interesting and a perfect day trip while visiting Brussels. A highlight of our day was learning about Rubens… I mean the artist, not the sandwich (because the sandwich is spelled with an ‘e’)!

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